APNU/YCT’s divisive politics typical of the PNC of old


MASHRAMANI, the celebration of our Amerindian brothers and sisters and adopted by the entire nation has become the talk of the town as a result of the APNU/YCT’s position on having their own Mashramani celebrations. This group is headed by the PNC’s Lurlene Nestor and James Bond. The Government over the years has invested significant financial and other resources towards making this national event  truly captivating. This effort brings together all six races and galvanises both the young and old in ‘celebration after hard work’. As a youth I always look forward to Mash as it provides the ideal opportunity for socialising with my friends at different spots along Vlissingen Road, and I thrill at the revelry that takes place as well.
The PNC and its metamorphoses, the APNU/YCT, seems hell bent on retaining its medieval, divisive politics along racial lines since it has recently announced a restart of its Mashramani celebration at Congress Place, separate from the national one.
These actions and others from APNU/YCT is an indication of infantile political acumen on their part. In any modern democracy national unity is always paramount to narrow, chauvinistic political ends.

APNU/YCT needs instead to capitalise on the opportunities provided to them in Parliament, but instead they have resorted to their traditional modus operandi with none other than Nestor to epitomise this descent.