Tripartite Initiative meetings to begin next year


….APNU, AFC have not submitted list of concerns
HEAD of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, has announced that the planned meeting with the parties of the Tripartite Initiative will not be held this year.

He made this announcement yesterday during the final post cabinet press briefing for 2011, at the Office of the President, when he proffered several reasons for this delay.
Dr. Luncheon noted that the body, consisting of representatives from the governing People’s Progressive Party (PPP/C), A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance for Change (AFC), had earlier met and had agreed on certain steps in moving forward, among them was the admission of their list of matters of concern.
“The meeting is not likely to occur within the last few days of 2011… the governing party has indicated its representatives, information of that nature from the other two parties is yet to be submitted. The delayed submission of the list and the failure so far to have APNU and AFC confirm dates and high representatives, would now see 2012 being the occasion for these matters to be gone into,” he explained.

As to the consequence of the delay in the meeting, Dr. Luncheon said, “The meeting would have gotten those three lists consolidated, matters prioritized and would have included a schedule of meetings and place of meetings to take the tripartite initiative on to a higher stage of its implementation.”
The Cabinet Secretary said that the delays and the concern of the governing party that APNU and AFC are meeting together, independent of the tripartite mechanism, to address issues on their lists, makes the prospects of the tripartite initiative questioned from the onset.
He said, “The governing party has already publicly registered its concern that the action of the two other parties seems inconsistent with the undertaking that lies behind the creation of the tripartite mechanism.”