Confessed juvenile burglar put under statutory supervision


A JUVENILE, who pleaded guilty to break and enter and larceny on Thursday, was put under one year statutory supervision by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo, at New Amsterdam Court in Berbice.
The lad, on a previous occasion, had appeared unaccompanied by any parent and the policeman who instituted the charge informed that his mother expressed disgust at his behaviour and refused to attend.
The former secondary school student  confessed to breaking into a beer garden at Winkle Road, also in New Amsterdam, from where he stole mobile phone cards, cigarettes, pastries, fried chicken and juice, valued a total of $24,048.
However the goods were subsequently returned to the owner, Sherwin Forde.
Questioned by the court about his deviant conduct, the teen said he was frustrated and chose the wrong company.
However, he expressed regret and promised that there would not be a recurrence.