Citizens reaction…


Some anxious about elections results, others urge peace
SOME citizens are of the view that, regardless of  the outcome of the 2011 regional and general elections, peace should prevail, as Guyana is at a stage where its people are educated and politically conscious.

Even while some amount of frustration has been expressed by others in Georgetown, sentiments of satisfaction have been uttered with regard to the calm atmosphere during this electoral period.
Oswald Prince said that he remains neutral in everything he does: “I hope that, whatever the results are, people can accept it.”
He said persons should be able stick with the results and move on because he believes that they are more educated and politically conscious, thus paving the way for a smoother electoral period.
“Right now, I feel a great relief that we have come, so far, peacefully and I think it’s much more calm and easy than the years before and there have been no disturbances,” said Shoreza Seemangal.
She said citizens should be reminded of the fact that, at the end of the day, Guyanese are one people and must live in love, thus eliminating hatred.
A vendor who gave his name P. Persaud said everything has been going well, even though persons are anxious about the elections results.
“I believe that everybody is at a stage where they understand what it is so there shouldn’t be any big issues really,” he declared.
He added that, once persons can come to an understanding, everything will be maintained and the country will be back to normal.
Sheila Persaud said: “From what is being displayed, everybody seems anxious about the results.”
However, she believes that persons will have no other choice but to accept whatever is the outcome of the elections.
Persaud encouraged citizens to remain calm in all their doing, noting that, once the winners are decided upon, there is no turning back.
“So far it’s been peaceful and the best elections that Guyana has seen by far,” said Dexter Leca.
He said he is pleased with the way that persons are conducting themselves at such a critical time.
Leca believes Guyana is doing commendably well as compared to the previous elections and it means the country has moved on from that era into a new one.