Successful Bartica rally evidence that people want to be on PPP/C platform


…says Minister Persaud
THE overwhelming response of Region Seven (Cuyuni/ Mazaruni) residents at the PPP/C Rally in Bartica on Sunday shows that people are enthusiastic about being part of the Party’s platform.

PPP/C executive member and Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud made this observation yesterday, during a press briefing at the party’s headquarters, Robb Street, where he reported on the successful campaign meeting attended by thousands of supporters.
He said, “The overwhelming response was reassuring… it holds well for our elections campaign, people are very enthusiastic, people want to be part of the PPP/C platform, and this meeting at Bartica clearly demonstrated that.”
According to Persaud, the meeting in Region 7 was a “push” in terms of intensifying their work in the hinterland communities.
“The PPP wants every single community to feel their presence equally; we are not under campaigning in some areas, like some political parties who just focus on a
particular region,” he explained.

PPP/C meetings will also be held in Mabaruma, tomorrow, in Moruca on Saturday, and on Sunday, a meeting will be held at Lethem, according to the Executive Party member, campaigning will continue on to Region 8 (Potaro/Siparuni) and other areas with the aim of providing the same level of intensity in the hinterland, as on the coast.
“We are a national party, and we intend to have a very strong, vibrant national campaign across the country,” Persaud affirmed.
Meanwhile, Minister Persaud expressed concern over reports from opposition figures which suggest that the supporters gathered at Saturday’s meeting, were “drunkards”.

He said, “I want to say too that again we see these signs of desperation, with opposition figures calling (the Bartica meeting) a drunken affair, and I think they should desist from doing so. In fact they have taken their eyes and pass Barticians, as well as persons from the riverine communities, to call the gathering there a pack of drunkards.”
Persaud urged those responsible not to insult the people of Region 7, not to insult the people of Bartica, not to insult the Amerindians and the indigenous people from the riverine communities.
“If this is how the opposition is going to be treating Guyanese when they express their democratic right to be associated with a political party, it clearly indicates how they view the people of Guyana,” he stated.