Granger visits flood affected Smythfield residents


APNU Presidential Candidate, Brigadier (ret) David Granger yesterday paid an emergency visit to Smythfield–Tucber, New Amsterdam to examine a breach in the Canje River dam which reportedly caused flooding for over four days. A statement from APNU said Mr. Granger was able to observe the huge breach of over 15 metres in the mud dam. Residents of Tucber, Nurseville and surrounding areas are said to have lost livestock and furniture as a result of flood waters which had been pouring through the breach since Monday during the spring tide.
According to the APNU statement, Mr. Granger pointed out that the response of the East Berbice-Corentyne Regional administration has been inadequate. At the time of his visit yesterday, APNU said no work was being done by the contractor to seal the breach although the weather was sunny.
Mr. Granger, who was accompanied by New Amsterdam Mayor Claude Henry, Member of the National Assembly Dr. John Austin and GYSM Chairman (ag), Mr. Christopher Jones, called on Regional Chairman, Mr. Zulficar Mustapha to act promptly to relieve the distress of the residents.
New Amsterdamers complained that the leakage started since last April and a breach occurred in August. Despite the expenditure of over $8M, the breach was not sealed and the flooding continues. Granger called for a long-term solution to prevent a greater catastrophe.