At another allocation exercise…


Ali pledges house for everyone who can afford
THE most rewarding aspect of the Government of Guyana’s vigorous housing drive is the integration of Guyanese people, who all share the common goal of developing the country in the spirit of unity, irrespective of ethnicity or religion.
Housing Minister, Mr. Irfaan Ali made this point as he addressed the hundreds gathered to benefit from his ministry’s 11th allocation exercise, for Hope South, at Lusignan Community Centre, East Coast Demerara, on Monday.
“For me, the most satisfying fact of the housing programme is to see the integration of our people, the coming together, the sharing of resources and the best example of this is in the new emerging housing schemes, where you have persons from different cultural backgrounds who are the first to build there,” he said.
Approximately 100 house lots were distributed on Monday, to recipients who met the necessary requirements, as stipulated by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA).
Minister Ali pointed out that all Guyanese should recognise how fortunate they are to be in a country that enjoys a strong economic and financial position, which would enable Government to invest in critical areas like housing, health, education and water to the benefit of all.
“The housing sector has emerged to be one of the strongest sectors, not only in the economy, but a leading example of a sector in all of the Caribbean and Latin America,” he declared.

As testimony to this, he highlighted that, for the years 2000 to 2010, the Ministry of Housing and Water alone invested more than $15.2 billion on the East Coast Demerara. This would have seen the creation of 30,500 house lots benefiting more than 125,000 persons.
In addition to this, more than $1.7 billion have been invested in housing, road improvement projects and this does not include the $3.5 billion in the water sector in Region 4 (Demerara/Mahaica) over the last five years.
As to the enormity of this financial support, he said: “For every single household on the East Coast, we have invested more than $150,000 for every household. This is the reality of where the resources go and this is how we work towards improving the lives of persons in every single community across the country.”
Alluding to the cost of development of the Hope South Scheme, Minister Ali said that $79M have been injected for the infrastructure to prepare the lots for distribution to the beneficiaries, he explained.
From the total amount, only $9M will be earned after the allocation exercise would have been completed, he said.
“At the end of the ‘One Stop Shop’, the maximum amount of resources to be collected from allotees would amount to $9M.
The math is simple. If the revenue from this is $9M and the Government invested $79M, then subsidy is $70M. This is the reality of the housing programme.”
He gave his assurance that the administration, through the Housing Ministry, stands committed to ensuring that the dreams of all Guyanese are fulfilled through the expansion of the housing drive and through the improvement of services that facilitate this.
In the efforts to achieve this, plans are underway to allocate more than 1,500 additional house lots before the end of the year, he pledged.
He continued: “We are committed to expansion and, as we leave here, we will go to Linden, Bartica and Leonora and to every single corner of this beautiful country to ensure that every single person has equal access to the deliverables of an economy that is healthy and strong.”