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Bethany Village Council gets engine gift from Government
GOVERNMENT, through the regional administration of Region 2, (Pomeroon/Supenaam), has donated a 15 horsepower (hp) Yamaha Endure outboard engine to the Bethany Village Council in the Supenaam Creek to boost health care services to residents living in the riverine community.
Regional Chairman, Mr. Alli Baksh, who handed over the engine to Village Toshoa, Mr. Wendell Thomas and Health Worker Ms. Rovena Russell, said the focus of Government is to provide free health care services to all Guyanese.
According to Baksh, the motor will assist Russell to travel along the creek to visit residents living in the remote interior areas.
Thomas  expressed thanks, on behalf of residents, to Government and explained that previously, Russell had to paddle in a small canoe to serve residents on the banks of the creek.