Toddler electrocuted at Angoy’s Avenue


A toddler, in search of sweets,  died after he touched a live wire which was illegally connected to his home at MaI Mai Dam, Mount Sinai, commonly referred to as Angoy’s  Avenue, or ‘Cow Dam’  .
Jayo Lewis, aged 33 months, was in his family’s yard in a squatting area just outside New Amsterdam, Berbice, when he was electrocuted, shortly after 16:00hrs yesterday.

His father , Winston Lewis, alias ‘Boxer’ , a cart operator in the New Amsterdam market , said his other children were eating sweets on the front stairs of his home, when some fell from the landing into  the yard. Jayo, his sixth child, went after the sweets and came into contact with the live wire.
The visibly shaken Lewis denied knowledge of the illegal connection, , whilst hugging the lifeless body of his child, as he prepared to take him to the New Amsterdam Hospital. There the child was pronounced dead on arrival.
News of the child’s demise spread like wildfire in the closely knit community , where many  source electricity through illegal connections .
The child’s father is being held by the police.