Kudos to Guyana Chronicle and Clifford Stanley


AS a result of the recent ribbon cutting in which Prime Minister Samuel Hinds attended, Dream Hole has been the fortunate recipient of several newspaper articles and at least one television broadcast.
Through my years of experience in dealing with the media, I often hold my breath as I read the articles or listen to the reporter on television after
having been interviewed. For some reason, there is often a mistake or important omission.
Usually, it’s just a minor omission or error and overall is harmless, but occasionally it is totally out of left field and requires some “damage control”.
However, in the recent article which appeared in the Guyana Chronicle written by Clifford Stanley, the content was 100% accurate.
During the ribbon cutting event, I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Stanley and share a light lunch with him during which time I was able to convey our hopes and dreams for Dream Hole Mining.
Mr. Stanley was a complete gentleman and obviously very professional in his work. He asked relevant questions and was fair in his reporting of the event and conveying our goals.
It came through loud and clear in the article that Dream Hole is a different kind of mining company, owned by your not so typical shareholders.
It is important that the public understand that while our primary goal is the recovery of diamonds and gold to produce a substantial return to our shareholders, we also have a sincere desire to get involved in the country of Guyana and have a positive impact on its people.
Many of our shareholders have expressed to me a desire to travel to the country and get involved in various humanitarian and civic works as well as investigating other business opportunities which would further employ more Guyanese nationals. (As of today, we have 20 employees in the country and 15 of those are Guyanese.)
To have shareholders take such a personal interest in a venture like this is unusual.  However, it shows that the hearts and desires of our shareholders are in the right place.  In addition, it’s just good business for us to get involved where we can, and be good stewards of what we’ve been granted.
To that end, we appreciate the well written article and look forward to growing the awareness of Dream Hole Mining and its reputation for integrity and success in the days to come.
As I’m quoted in the article: ”We consider it a privilege to be working in Guyana and take that responsibility seriously.”