‘Fat Man’ Ally gets 2 years jail for assault


JUSTICE Brassington Reynolds, on Monday last, sentenced Imran Ally, alias ‘Fat Man’, to two years imprisonment, following a re-trial for an assault causing actual bodily harm offence committed on his former brother-in-law, Deodat Ramoutar, known as Alex.
The crime was committed on March 26, 2006 at Rosignol, West Bank Berbice, and the prisoner was originally charged, along with Ameer Ally and with Chetraj Ragubeer.

However, following the subsequent closure of the state’s case and that of the defence, the mixed jury, who had sought further direction during their almost four hours deliberations, returned an unanimous verdict, convicting the number one accused on a lesser count, and acquitting the others.
The victim,  Deodat Ramoutar, had related in the Berbice Assizes that he was returning his children to their mother at her snackette on Rosignol Stelling roadway, when, while reversing his vehicle, it  accidentally collided with her business premises.
As a result of the collision, Indra Ragubeer’s son, nephew and brother, armed with Carib beer bottles, lashed Ramoutar on his head.
The alleged victim said, whilst he held unto his head, Imran Ally, Ragubeer’s brother, pulled a long knife from his waist and slashed him across his abdomen.
“I felt a burning and wetness. I removed my hand from my head and held unto my belly instead. Imran Ally then gashed my right hand. I fell to my knees whilst holding unto my belly.”
Probation and Welfare Officer Mr. Kenneth Nunes reported that Ally denied involvement, but confessed to executing the role of a pacifier between his nephew and brother-in-law.
In addition, the officer said Ally was willing to settle the difference between himself and brother-in-law, and pleaded for leniency as it was his first experience.
His compilation said Ally, the third of three children  born to Shirley Rajubeer, now deceased, initially lived at James Street, Albouystown, before moving to Tain, Port Mourant, then Welcome Street, Rosignol, from where he attended the Rosignol Secondary School. He dropped out of school in Form 4 to assist his entrepreneurial family.
In 2004, he met Sandra Lewis, whom he married six years later. Together they have four children ranging from 11 years to two months.
Neighbours, the officer said, described the prisoner as an ardent follower of the Hindu religion, an altruistic individual who is committed to helping those in need. He has been diagnosed as diabetic.

Pleading for Ally in mitigation, Defence Counsel Pamela De Santos, in association with Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos, urged the  court to hand down a non-custodial sentence  and  a monetary fine, even as she informed the court that both parties were willing to arrive at a figure for compensation.
However, prior to sentencing, the judge said while it was an irregular course for him to ask the victim whether he conceded to a financial settlement, he did so, and after consultations with the relatives of the convict, Ramoutar said they were not standing by an earlier verbal agreement, and as such he was not accepting what they were now offering.
Justice  Reynolds, who took into consideration a favourable probation report, mitigation, ‘the fire rage in a fit of restlessness’ and the scars which are left on Deodat Ramoutar for life, along with the compensation which has been declined, sentenced Ally to two years imprisonment.’
On September 15, 2009, the first trial was aborted following an inquiry into reports that persons were seen speaking with some members of the jury panel.