Another presidential promise to Region One fulfilled


-Health Ministry hands over pick-up
ANOTHER promise by President Bharrat Jagdeo was fulfilled Tuesday to Region One residents, soon after the realization of another to the Region’s children.
Minister within the Ministry of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran Tuesday, handed over the keys to a pick-up to Hinterland Coordinator attached to the Ministry of Local Government, Harrripersaud Nokta. The vehicle will be used to improve the delivery of health care to Region One residents.

In March, President Jagdeo had visited Matthews Ridge where he promised a bus for transporting school children, and this has been fulfilled.
Dr. Ramsaran stated that a new vehicle was needed in the region since there was a need for rehabilitation to be done to the local hospital.
The vehicle will give support to the delivery of health care for illnesses such as malaria and other vector-borne diseases, particularly in communities with rough terrain, including Port Kaituma and its surrounding villages. It will also allow health workers to take along their diagnostic equipment.
He said that the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) has collaborated with his ministry on this initiative.

GGMC’s Commissioner (ag) Karen Livan, stated that the commission has been active in the interior regions noting, that it has provided $50M to assist in restoring the damaged road between Mathews Ridge and Port Kaituma in Region One.
She said that there is a wider initiative that extends to other mining communities, for example Mahdia and Monkey Mountain in Region Eight.
In the North West, a skills training centre has been established for the purpose of improving individuals in these areas. Additionally, GGMC also has a plant nursery that gives practical assistance to secondary schools and provides seedlings for mine site reclamation. (GINA)