Kitty Jamaat elections on or before November 30


Monies, records to be handed over to committee
JUSTICE Rishi Persaud has directed that the established Interim Committee set up to decide on would be voters at the forthcoming Kitty Jamat elections, convene and conduct elections of office bearers for that body on or before November 30, 2011.

And four of the defendants have been ordered and directed to hand over immediately upon service of this order  upon them all monies, keys, books and other records of the Kitty Jamaat in their possession to the Juman-Yassin Interim  Committee of Management, as constituted.
The judge’s order is part of a 13-point direction by him to 21 defendants in their absence, since they failed to turn up at a court hearing between Khurshid Sattaur and Mohamed Yassen versus 21 defendants headed by Ebrahim Ali.
Other defendants include Afzal Khan,  Fizul Milton,  Kalamadeen Deen, Terry Lakhan,  Rafeek Khan, Imran Ali,  Sultan Haniff,  Mohamed Khan (Bruce), Mohamed  Zaiff Hussain, Imram Khan Bahibulla, Sheik Rahim Samad, Mohamed Irshad Khan, Zafar Alli, Don Rahim,  Frankie Rahim Jr., Intiaz Baig, Ryaad Bacchus,  Mohamed Hafeez Khan, Abid Ali and Ahad Odo Best, defendants jointly and separately.
In his order dated May 25 Justice Persaud said: “This matter having come up for hearing on this day and there being no appearance for and on behalf of the defendants, and upon hearing Attorney-at-law, S.G.F. Khan, for the plaintiffs, and upon reading the report of K.A. Juman-Yassin it is hereby directed that the said  Interim Committee as constituted herein  shall  take all  such legitimate actions as are necessary to remove all persons and or institutions in occupation of the Jamaat property from such property except the Imaam.
“And it is further ordered and directed that the said Interim Committee as constituted herein shall convene  and conduct elections on the basis of the list of members of the Jamaat  produced by the Juman-Yasin Committee,  subject to such amendments as the Committee may in its sole and exclusive discretion, determine is necessary  for the conduct of lawful elections.
The judge also ordered and directed that the 10th, 12th, 14th and 21st named defendants are ordered and directed to deliver within one month of their handing over of all monies, keys, books and other records of the Kitty Jamaat in the possession to the Interim Committee of Management as constituted herein and the said Committee shall provide copies of all documents handed to them required by the said defendants to conduct  the said audit.
It was further ordered too that the said Interim Committee of Management shall consist of Norman Mc Lean of 274 Forshaw Street, Queenstown, Raymon Azeez of lot 20  Dadanawa Street, Section K. Campbellville, Georgetown, and Omar Shariff of Lot 73 Sandy Babb Street, Kitty, Georgetown.
The judge directed that the life of the said Interim Committee as constituted herein shall come to an end upon the convening and conducting  of elections of Office  Bearers of the Kitty Jamaat together with the subsequent assumption of office of the Committee of Management  duly elected  according to the rules of the Kitty Jamaat –