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Freddie getting Lumatil and green guava
De Bluetoother did mention in the past ‘bout Uncle Freddie obsession with de ERC. It look like Uncle Freddie got obsession with everything and everybody except dem who build he house.
Over the last couple months, he keep sehing that de ERC illegal. E-magine Uncle Freddie sehing that a constitutional body illegal! Is de same Uncle Freddie and some of de people who build he house, who was criticising de guvment when some of the Commissions wasn’t in place.

Now, with de Commissions in place, one now illegal fuh dem. But nobody ain’t taking he on. He getting ignore. Everybody, including dem who build he house, know that Uncle Freddie don’t like to be ignored. When he get ignore he does keep sehing de same thing over and over, hoping that somebody will tek he on and mek he feel important and by extension, give whatever crap he sehing some importance too. By getting ignored, his crap ‘bout de ERC being illegal, remain just that; crap!

Dem boys seh he was really disappointed that he unfounded position ‘bout de ERC illegal didn’t get traction. De only response he get was to remind he that he writing crap. Now, it look like he tripping out because the Private Sector people seh that there is nothing illegal ‘bout de ERC! This is de same Private Sector people that Uncle Freddie always “bigging up” and to which some who build he house belongs! He always looking fuh somebody fuh tek he on. Now that the Private Sector people tek he on and “dis” he, he like “fish out o’ water”.

Dem same boys seh from de time Uncle Freddie hear what de Private Sector people seh ‘bout de ERC, he get “operating” like when yuh drink “senna and salts”! It was two set o’ diarrhoea he get; de usual one from he vocal cavity and now from de “crapping” cavity. Dem same wicked boys seh that in Uncle Freddie case, is crap from both ends! Even though he get two diarrhoea, he not losing he obsession. He so obsess that he get possess. He looking for somebody to “exorcise” or “jaray” he. De real cure though is Lumatil or green guava. De Bishop promise to send he some. Hmmm!