Feminition: Celebrating the achievements of Guyanese women


‘FEMINITION: Definition of a Woman’ was deemed a success in not only displaying the skills of, and opportunities available to women, but also in celebrating the achievements of great Guyanese women with a view to inspiring younger generations to greatness.
To those who questioned the wisdom behind the concept of Feminition, President Bharrat Jagdeo said
the exposition has a purpose to help to create a mindset, that we need a quantum leap forward in how to approach women’s issues.
He said the exposition could help in shifting the mindset that says education is an obligation of the Government to its citizens, to one that says education could become a viable export industry for the Caribbean in a world that produces and richly reward knowledge.
“We have come a far way. But how do we make the next leap? How do we shift the mindset? We have to first of all recognise that there are issues that are women’s issues but women’s issues are not confined just to getting higher pay or greater rights. Women, because they are such an important part of our society, have to be concerned and have to play a very important role in all of society,” he had said.
Human Services Minister, Priya Manickchand, on Friday, staunchly defended Government’s investment of $15 million to host the exposition.
“Feminition has been conceived as another intervention in the empowerment of women. It is intended to recognise, highlight and promote skills, talent, capacities and capabilities of Guyana’s women. I expect that this exposition shall inspire women who exhibit, as well as women who visit the exposition, to greater heights by encouraging women to take up their place in society as equals, by allowing the necessary networking in groups and services and by educating about rights and available services,” she said.
Minister Manickchand said gender equality would not just benefit women, but also men and children, and that all will develop at a much faster pace.