‘Night Cap’ is a dream realized


“Life’s too short for bad coffee”, declares a caption under one of the beautiful, framed photos on the wall of Night Cap.
The café, which is set in the idyllic setting of the Embassy Club on Pere Street, Kitty in  Georgetown, is the latest addition to the local café scene.

A varied and interesting menu features a mixture of local and foreign cuisine, including a variety of tea, coffee, dessert and sandwich options.
There is “Something Satisfying…”, as the menu boldly declares above the breakfast options, for everyone. For example, for quite affordable costs, visitors can have a variety of breakfast package offers. The English breakfast features muffins, bacon, eggs, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, toast and sausage, while the Russian breakfast features sausage, omelet and toast, blini (pancakes) and Kasha (porridge). For those whose tastes lie closer to home there is a full Guyanese breakfast, which offers – all together: bake and salt fish, plantain and eggs, and a choice of cereal or porridge.

A range of breakfast sandwiches is also available.  One called “Rise and Shine” is a juicy sausage patty with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese served with toasted bakes. Also a variety of sandwiches and wraps are available, including vegetarian tofu choices such as “Kung Fu” (A kicking marinated tofu). Visitors can also opt for a burger and sub, also available in vegetarian varieties.
Things get even more interesting as the client scans the menu which rhymes:  “Straight up, on the rocks, shaken or stirred. Now have your coffee in ways that were unheard”. And indeed most of the coffee choices are indeed unusual for this part of the world. One titled ‘The Godfather’ features a combination of whiskey, liqueur and scotch. The many ‘Coffee Martini’ choices include: ‘Espresso Martini, ‘Coffee Dessert Martini’ and ‘Mocha Nut Martini’.
Night Cap also offers tea and there is the featured daily blends as well as the exotic chai tea and shaken iced green tea. Beverage choices also include a range of iced coffees, fruit juices and draught beer.
The café is the long held dream of former Miss Guyana World, Candacy Charles, who is only 20 years old. Winning the prestigious title at only sixteen years old, she had the idea of opening the café since she was in high school. Noting that one of her strengths is planning, Candacy began writing down the things she would need for her café even in the idea stage.

Currently a history major at the University of Guyana, Candacy was faced with the task of balancing her academic life with her financial life, but with the help of her mother Donna and her two older sisters, managed to pull everything together in only six months.
Having a self-confessed obsession with earth-friendly products, Candacy opted to use mostly paper, rather than plastic bags and take-away cups and boxes. Her environmental consciousness has extended to the furniture too, with the décor featuring the elegant and distinctive pieces of at least one local furniture manufacturer who places emphasis on using local materials and training and employing persons from rural communities.
Though the space of the interior of the café is small, in this case it is an asset as it adds to the inviting homey feel of the café.
The well-stocked reading corner offers bestselling authors such as Danielle Steele, John Grisham and Stephanie Myers of Twilight fame, as well as Scrabble Game boards. The soothing music of Enya plays in the background, the lampshades throw off warm tones of amber, topaz and other exquisite gems, the carefully selected antiques and collectibles all add to the inviting feel of Night Cap. One of the items on display is an antique radio, dating back to at least the 50s, which still works.
Night Cap is open every day from 6:00 hrs -10:00 hrs and from 17:00 hrs to midnight  and features excellent parking.