Police wanted bulletins issued for 10 persons


–    in relation to fraud committed at a Government Department
THE Police is seeking the assistance of the public in apprehending 10 persons, five women included, for whom they have issued wanted bulletins.
The Police, in a statement yesterday, said  Shamshon Mohamed, Cornel Edward Watson, Lawrence Dundas, Mona Faye Barnes, Colleen Wendella Easton, Joy Beverley-Ann Noel, June Nicholson, Abiola Vanessa Roberts, Dianne Staglom and Nigel Anthony Adams  are wanted for questioning in relation to fraud committed at a Government Department.

The Police said anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of these persons, is asked to contact the Guyana Police Force on telephone numbers: 226-1326, 226-0192, 225-8196, 225-2722, 225-6411, 911 or the nearest police station.
“All information will be treated with strict confidence,” the GPF assured.

Particulars of the wanted persons are as follows:

Name:                       Shamshon Mohamed
Date of Birth:              1951-11-28
Ethnicity:                    East Indian
Height:                       151 cm
Occupation:                Security guard
Last known address:   Field 8, South Sophia

Name:                        Cornel Edward Watson
Date of Birth:              1982-01-16
Ethnicity:                    African
Height:                       174 cm
Distinguishing Mark:   Scar over left eye
Last known address:   Lot 400 West Ruimveldt, Georgetown

Name:                        Lawrence Dundas
Ethnicity:                    Mixed race
Occupation:                Supervisor
Last known address:   Lot 25 David Street, Kitty, Georgetown

Name:                         Mona Faye Barnes
Date of Birth:               1967-12-19
Ethnicity:                     African
Height:                        167 cm
Occupation:                 House-Keeper
Last known address:    Middle Street, Buxton, ECD

Name:                         Colleen Wendella Easton
Date of Birth:               1954-10-11
Ethnicity:                     African
Height:                        170 cm
Distinguishing Mark: Scar on right upper lip
Last known address:   Lot 21 Ogle Front, ECD

Name:                        Joy Beverley-Ann Noel
Date of Birth:              1963-04-20
Ethnicity:                    African
Height:                       154 cm
Occupation:                 Businesswoman
Last known address:   ‘ZZ’ Durban Street, Wortmanville, Georgetown

Name:                         June Nicholson
Ethnicity:                    African
Occupation:                 Supervisor
Last known address:   Lot 7 NARI Compound, Mon Repos, ECD

Name:                        Abiola Vanessa Roberts
Date of Birth:              1975-05-31
Ethnicity:                    African
Height:                       162 cm
Last known address:   Vigilance South, ECD

Name:                        Dianne Staglom

Date of Birth:              1971-05-12
Ethnicity:                    African
Height:                       168 cm
Occupation:                Cosmetologist
Distinguishing Mark:  Scar next to left eye
Last known address:   Lot 1 Vlissengen Road, Georgetown

Name:                        Nigel Anthony Adams
Date of Birth:              1973-03-31
Ethnicity:                    African
Height:                       186 cm
Occupation:                Supervisor
Last known address:   Airstrip Road, Area ‘C’, Ogle Front, ECD