Kaieteur News


– A Soap in tabloid

(Scene 3)
THE story so far is that the Narcissist – Freddie Kissoon, was caught out lying and misleading the readership. The Broker, Glen Lall and the Joker – Adam Harris then set the stage for a  public spectacle between the Narcissist and Stella – the Feminist.

“Hell hath no greater fury than the wrath of a woman scorned.”

The stab of Freddie’s pen proved to be as impotent and limp as an ejaculated penis. Stella rose to the occasion with purpose and integrity.

She replied by reiterating what the readership had already stated that he is nasty, unprofessional and deceitful.

She cited the fundamentals of professional journalism which guides her practice and which the Narcissist would never had seen previously.

She showed him the way, step by step, how the job should have been done. She showed him how to write with focus and balance, and she questioned the integrity of the joker and broker for drawing her to do their dirty work.

In the meantime, The Narcissist was cowering and hiding behind rants at the government and pleading with a Norwegian not to give $US40M to the country – the hallmark of a true patriot!

An act which in days of old would constitute treason and be punished by the gallows. But the President shows pity, for he knows not what he does or says! Of course, he was ignored.

Instead, he must now face the bad news that Donald Ramotar will be President, which means that Bharrat will be Prime Minister! Bad news Freddie, you have to suffer for a long time to come.

Let’s hope this is the end of the comical spectacle, it is shameful that such behaviours are forced on the readership of Kaieteur News.