KFC heat


KFC near Stabroek Market is swiftly losing ground as one of the eatery places tourists would like to visit. Even so, Guyanese continue to crowd KFC accepting whatever service is offered to them and not complaining. I am not sure if the tourism minister or family ever visits there but he needs to so to confirm what is written here. He needs to summon eating houses to a forum and develop policies to correct these types of lapses. My observation is that on several occasions I have had to visit KFC like many Guyanese visiting from the country areas and from the heated conditions on the outside to a more heated atmosphere on the inside KFC it gets horrific. It is the most heated eating place in downtown Georgetown. On my last visit to KFC one week prior to writing this letter I was again trying to find a comfortable place to sit, I never did.
The use of fans for cooling purposes in this completely enclosed eating place is unacceptable, there is no fresh air circulation and the heated conditions in there is unbearable for Guyanese consumers. The sun penetrates the glass walls and covert this place into a furnace, and there is nothing to keep the sunlight out. This is not the Guyana I wish for.
Almost every day the news has some writing on how well Guyana is doing in the tourism industry but some businesses are not conforming to basics. This basic requirement at one of our major chicken outlets needs to be addressed; tourist will certainly not enjoy eating in heated conditions and I don’t either. I am sure my position on this matter is not isolated but Guyanese take too long to get things fixed.
The heat in there is unbearable and KFC needs to install air condition units. The Tourism Ministry needs to look into matters like this and develop policies in collaboration with eating houses that will make tourism more attractive for those wanting to visit my country. Luckily I support one of our local eating places where I get service in a cool atmosphere and others should seek out such places for their comfort.