Devoshire Castle Co-operative financial records should be audited


I wish to make a few comments in relation to Ms Donna Shortt Gill of the Ministry of Labour Human Services and Society Security with regards to Mr. Chetram Singh, President of the Guyana Cricket Board, statement in Kaieteur and Stabroek respectively on January 15 and 17, 2011. I have known Mr. Singh as an individual and a well cultured person with prestige and integrity in his profession so I appreciate that the Ministry of Labour Human Services and Social Security has come to some scrutiny of Co-operative Friendly Society Act Chapter 36-04 under the Laws of Guyana.
However, I appreciate the sentiments made by Ms. Shortt Gill.  As a member of the Devonshire Castle Lands and Saving Co-operatives Society, registered No. 148 under Co operative Society Act 88: 01, for the past six years I have been calling on the Ministry of Labour Human Services and Society Security for the auditing of its records and assets.
Since January 2000 the selected few members continue to manipulate the affairs of the society in all forms of fabrications by breaching of ACT 88:01 and all the society by-laws. It is evident that some officers of the co-operative department are practicing double standards with some members of the highly corrupt society such as the Devonshire Castle Co-operative Society where on January 7, 2007 the Honourable Minister Manzoor Nadir at the Walton Hall, in the presence then Chief Co-operative Officer Region Two and other officials, told the Chairman of the Devonshire Castle Co-operative society to make all records and books available for auditing.
However, this announcement by the Minister raises several concerns in relation to the issue whereby the chairman, the secretary, who was overseas for over five years, and the treasurer are highly questionable in collusion with Region Two Co-operative Officer who has presented a status report of the Devonshire Castle Co-operative Society which was directed to the Region Two Regional Executive Officer and stated that the society is non-functioning without records, files, books, account etc and to this day those few people continue to manipulate and fabricate statements of accounts and using the society stamp for personal and friends gains.
Furthermore on February 1, 2010 in the Region Two boardroom again the Honourable Manzoor Nadir told pack boardroom members of the society in the presence of chief co-operative and development officer and the regional officials to carry out the auditing of the Devonshire Castle Lands and Saving Society No 148.
To the surprise of the society members during the inquiry several members refused to give any statement which is a conflict of interest and will hide the true picture of the so-called committee of mismanagement from 2000-2011 where some officials from the co-operative sector are wearing one cap under two faces and display double standards