Caribbean Airlines cannot be trusted


NO one knows when there will be direct flights from Toronto to Guyana but we are hearing that Caribbean Airlines will have three direct flights from New York (NY) to Guyana weekly. How ironic this is since the Guyana government was talking about Guyana having its own national air carrier?
Then we heard about an airline operating out of Calgary Canada will be doing direct flights from Toronto to Guyana.
I would advise anyone who is dealing with Caribbean Airlines to take what they say with a grain of salt. For how many years past those in Trinidad treated Guyanese with scorn.
Is there anyone who believe that it will ever change? Hell no it won’t.
This is Caribbean Airlines big show as a put on because they know government is very serious about what it said.
They will after a few months of straightening things out with Guyanese passengers and Guyana’s government, go right back to routine treating Guyanese with scorn.
They will find every excuse in the book to take a handful of Trinidadians to Trinidad for next to nothing of which the Guyanese passengers will have to pay through their teeth.
Government ought to see this as a Caribbean airline scam so as to stop the government from negotiating with other airlines wanting to go direct to Guyana.
When Caribbean Airlines know all negotiations are done and over with then Guyanese passengers will feel the wrath of Caribbean Airlines.
Mr. President and Mr. Tourism Minister please do the best you can for Guyanese living at home and abroad by getting Guyana’s own national air carrier.
Caribbean Airlines will never be trusted by Guyanese.
In the event of those that do not know this, it’s a Trini versus Guyanese thing and that’s how most see it on both sides and it will never end.