With gifts to UG…


China makes another donation towards strengthening bilateral relationship
THE People’s Republic of China yesterday presented 300 Chinese books and DVDs to the University of Guyana (UG) Library.
Ambassador of China, Mr. Yu Wenzhe, made the presentation at the Turkeyen Campus, East Coast Demerara, where he said the gesture is aimed at strengthening ties between the two countries.
The diplomat said the wide collection of titles will foster a better understanding of China’s political system, economic model, culture and other important issues.
Drawing a parallel between the multifaceted cultures of the two countries, he pointed out that China is a country with 5,000 years of history and has created a glorious ancient civilisation and rich culture.
Likewise, Guyana has its own characteristics and peculiar and interesting culture and heritage, Yu said.
“We believe that cultural exchange is an important part of keeping our people in contact and this is as important as the government to government contact,” he remarked.           
Yu added: “We hope that, through these exchanges, we will have more contact,  using all kinds of institutions, especially the educational.”
Emphasising the importance of education to a country’s development, he said: “To see the economy, you will know the country today. To see the science and technology, you can see the country’s tomorrow but, to see the education, you can learn about the country the day after tomorrow.”
Yu lauded the important role that UG is playing in Guyana’s economic and social development, through the provision of easily accessible and quality education for young people, a role he acknowledged is vital as young people are the future of the country and the world.
“I hope the young  people of China  and Guyana will also be more open, so that they will make sure the friendship between the two countries will be passed on from generation to generation,” he said.

Accepting the gifts, UG Vice-Chancellor, Professor Lawrence Carrington, expressed his profound gratitude to Ambassador Yu and to the People’s Republic of China for their continued interest in the institution and said the goodwill gesture will bring the two nations closer together.
“As the new China reaches out to the Caribbean and Latin America, we feel a sense of emerging readiness for a relationship with you,” he said.
In that context, Carrington said a relationship between universities in China and Guyana would be welcomed, especially by those whose focus can stimulate the growth of science and technology in this country.
He said his recent visit to China, to attend a seminar which brought together scholars and personalities from the Caribbean and Latin America to discuss cultural and academic relations with that country, the Vice-Chancellor said he was impressed by the extent of development there.
“That is an indicator of the determination of China’s Government to offer its people prosperity, security and a sense of perpetual well-being,” Carrington posited.
He said the pathway to a stronger relationship must be through the knowledge of the Chinese language and culture and revealed that discussions will commence about the establishment of a Centre for the Confucius Institute at UG.   
“This can offer the people of Guyana the opportunity to learn your language and to bring the centuries of separation that our people have experienced to an end, Carrington told Yu.”
UG Librarian, Ms. Gwyneth George, also thanked the donor for the generous donation and the continued support over the years, this being the second such demonstration of it.