LCDS has created international recognition for Guyana


THE Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) has indeed created significant international recognition and respect for Guyana. The very real and most serious consequence of climate change is the end of the world as we know it. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), while developed countries are the main culprits responsible for climate change, it is the developing countries that are most vulnerable to the climate change phenomenon that we are currently experiencing. “Many of the most important global killers are highly sensitive to climatic conditions. Malaria, diarrhea and protein-energy malnutrition together, cause more than 3 million deaths each year.” President Jagdeo secured for Guyana international respect when he made known his plan of creating a Low Carbon Development Strategy that would counter the negative effects of green house gases that cause climate change, and simultaneously generate much needed revenue for Guyana.
The Low Carbon Development Strategy has indeed created significant international recognition and respect for Guyana. This initiative affords us as a developing country, the opportunity and privilege of using our precious forest resource as an effective deterrent to climate change.
The Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), as designed by President Jagdeo through the Kyoto Protocol, ensures that Guyana is compensated for protecting its forests, which aids in deterring the accelerated pace at which climate change is escalating. France’s interests in our forests, as were recently expressed, prove that as a nation, we are on the right path towards progress and development. It shows that regardless of the opposition and criticisms that President Jagdeo received for taking this very brave initiative, he became a pioneer in sensible, sustainable development for this nation. The collaboration between Guyana and France proves this also. It speaks volumes, to say that contrary to what critics and anti-government socialites on the local scene, that were eager and keen on criticizing the government, countries, in respect of this initiative, are willing to work with the government. Their claims that there was international mistrust for the Jagdeo administration, and that the government would never see a cent of the US$250M promised to Guyana from Norway have all been silenced.
Nevertheless, government continues to work collaboratively with other countries in a respectful manner to ensure the good and betterment of all Guyanese. This recent development is yet another tangible manifestation of progress and development for Guyana.