Berbice Police acquire first armoured motor vehicle


STUNG by the discovery of an arms cache last September 21, following a spate of robberies, the Berbice Police Division has received a shot in the arm with the acquisition of its first armoured motor vehicle.
The ‘Mahindra Rakshak’ offers protection to all seven of its occupants against 7.62 mm x 51mm (M-70) and the 7.62mm x 39mm (AK-47) gunfire under, in front, the sides and the rear at a 90 degrees angle of attack from 10 metres (10.9 yards) and from the top at a 45 degrees angle, a similar distance away.
It was acquired following a request by the Divisional Administration after the recent weapons discoveries , the Commander, Assistant Commissioner  Steve Merai said.
According to him: “The vehicle would not be used for regular patrol but, when ranks are engaged in special operations within the eastern and western Berbice districts.”
He expressed gratitude to Police Commissioner Henry Greene and the Force Administration for adhering to the request.
Meanwhile, Acting Deputy Commander, Superintendent Lyndon Alves, who is a firearms expert, said ranks can safely engage in  exchanging gunfire whilst inside the vehicle.
Among its other features is a run flat system with tubeless tyres, a ballistic carpet, light machinegun or medium machine gun mount with protective shield and 360 degrees traverse, along with air condition, a vehicle tracking and remote control.
The September 21 find included an Israeli made Uzi semi-automatic rifle which was intercepted on Adelphi Public Road, East Canje.
Merai, speaking to the media on that occasion, had explained that during his 30 years tenure in the Guyana Police Force (GPF), he only saw a smaller version of the weapon once.
He said the one retrieved would have caused concern if it had gone into action.
“I must say we are lucky to have intercepted these weapons, including the AK 47s, which were stolen from the Guyana Defence Force and the pump action shotgun. We will continue our patrol and employ new strategies in order to intercept more,” Merai said.
He said the weapons, which are to be tested by ballistics experts, were used in several Corentyne robberies, including that committed on the residence of businessman Surendra Ganesh, at Wellington Park, during which Arjune Gobin, a security guard attached to Nand Persaud & Co was fatally shot.