Larceny, robbery defendants refused bail


TWO men, facing separate larceny and robbery charges, were both refused bail yesterday and remanded to prison by Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry.
One of them Gregory Howes (no address given) pleaded not guilty to simple larceny, particulars of which offence said, on September 26, he stole a $60,000 gold chain belonging to Tarrick Chand.

Police Inspector Stephen Telford, prosecuting, who successfully objected to pre-trial freedom for the defendant, said he has several similar cases pending in another Court and is likely to continue committing more such offences.
The Prosecutor said the virtual complainant was inside his parked car when Howes passed and snatched the jewel.
But the remanded prisoner said Chand was coaxed by the Police to implicate him although he was not fingered on an identification parade.
Howes has to be back in Court on October 6, two days before Stanley Somrah (no address given either), who is accused of having, on September 28, being armed with a gun, robbed Gaitree Singh of a $40,000 cellular phone.
Telford said the defendant, who pleaded not guilty, went to the virtual complainant’s workplace, pointed the weapon at her and demanded the phone.
The Court was told that, in fear for her life, the woman complied with the demand and the defendant then locked her and another employee in a toilet, before proceedings to rob a third employee.
But a fight ensued and the Police, in their investigations, discovered that Somrah used a toy gun to commit the offence.
The case will be called, again, on October 8.