Dance promoter jumps into Mahicony River


.with police in hot pursuit
RELATIVES were late last night combing the Mahaicony River, in search of their loved one, Godwin Maxwell, 30, of Calcutta, East Coast Demerara, after he jumped overboard in a bid to escape from lawful custody at the Mahaicony Police Station.
About midday, Maxwell’s uncle, Gilbert Inniss told the media that they were out in a boat searching for the dance promoter whom the police had shot at as he ran from the station.
Maxwell had been placed on $45,000 bail when he appeared before Magistrate Hemwant Ramdhani at the Mahaicony Magistrate’s Court.
Inniss said that he was with Maxwell and was in the process of securing the bail money when Maxwell ran from the station and jumped into the river, as the police followed and shot at him.
Inniss explained that Maxwell, a dance promoter, held several dances for youths in the area and had received about 10 summonses to appear in court for tax evasion.
He pointed out that the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) told them they would visit whenever he held a dance; but they never showed up and began sending summonses to his house.