Once upon a time in West Berbice


(Excerpts from the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 and 1807)
Zee Zight:
Public Vendue: On Monday the 6th of March ensuing, and following days, will be sold to the highest bidders, by order of the Executors of the late Mrs. H. J. Buse, the Coffee Plantations Lust tot Rust and Providence, in the River Berbice; and the Cotton Plantation Zee Zight, or No. 2, on the West Sea Coast of Berbice; together with about Six Hundred Slaves, Cattle, Furniture, and what further may appear.

For terms of sale, and other particulars, application to be made to A.A. de la Court, Esqr. New-Amsterdam, or to D. C. Cameron, D.V.M.
N.B: The sale will take place on the respective Estates, and commence at 11 o’clock precisely. (February 17,1806)

Zee Lust: Runaway form the Subscriber, some time back, a Negro man named Providence, by trade a Carpenter. He formerly belonged to Plantation Cottage in Berbice, and was sold at Vendue for the Gaol fees the 21st June, 1805, by order of the Fiscal. It is strongly suspected that he is harboured near Mahaiconi Creek by a black woman named Jeannet, who passes for a free woman. A Reward of Three Joes will be given for his apprehension.
Died. On Sunday last, on his Plantation, Zee Lust, on the West Coast, Johann Godlieb Pletner, Esq.
(Dem. May 16, 1807. Rob. Kingston)

Seafield: The Subscriber hereby gives notice that he intends to remove his Domicilium Citandi to Pl. Seafield, West Coast Berbice.
(Demerary 6th April, 1805. Alex. Simpson)

Plantation Union: All Persons having Demands against Plantation Union, on the West Coast
of Berbice, are requested to render their Accounts as early as possible, either to Simon Fraser, Esq. upon the aforesaid Plantation,or to the Subscriber on Plantation Coldingen, on the East Coast.
(Demerary, May 18, 1806. James Ogle)

Plantation Chester: Runaway from Plantation Chester, West Coast Berbice, about 6 weeks
past, a young Barbadian Negro man named Jack, marked ‘C’ on both breasts. His Mother lives in Cumingsburg, and it is possible he may attempt to pass as a Free Man; all Captains of Vessels are cautioned not to harbour him, as there is no doubt that he will offer his services to any of them who will employ him. For apprehending this Negro, a reward of two Joes will be given by applying at the Store of Stabroek.
(1 September, 1804. John Campbell)

**Runaway from Plantation Chester, West Coast Berbice, about three weeks ago, a Negro man named John Phillips. He is middle-aged, speaks good English, is middle-sized and rather slightly made. He lived for many years in the neighbourhood of Mahaica, and is supposed to be harboured there now, as he was seen near there five days ago. A Reward of Forty-four Guilders will be given to whoever apprehends this Negro, or a former Runaway man named Jack, a native of Barbados, marked on the breast ‘C’. by applying at the Store of Messrs M’Inroy Sandbach &
M’Bean, to Gilbert Robertson Esq. Mahaica, or to Finlay Smith residing on the above-mentioned Plantation.
(February 23, 1805)

Plantation Chester: On Friday the 31st instant will be exposed for sale to the highest bidders, at the Vendue Office, by Order of F. P. Van Berckel Esq., Fiscal of this Colony, the following arrested Negroes, viz: A Negro man, Providence, belonging to Pittman, or Plantation Cottage in Berbice, arrested the 28th of January by the Diendaars; ditto Tam, of Miss Silby in Mahaica, by himself last January; ditto Bootsman, belonging to Mr. Van den Brock of Berbice, arrested the 24th February by Mr.Fraser of Pl. Eendract.
(Brereton & Kingston)

Tempie: The subscriber will dispose of his Property (No. 31), situated on the West Coast of Berbice, with one hundred and ten seasoned Negroes; or, to accommodate a purchaser who may require a smaller portion of land, he is willing, but without slaves, to dispose of the eastern third
part of the same lot, known by the name of The Nursery, and lately the Property of Thomas Fraser, Esq.
(Alfd. Bartrum, Plantation Tempe, West Coast Berbice, 3rd January, 1804)

**Wanted for the Plantation Tempe, West Coast, Berbice: An experienced manager. Due encouragement will be given. No Boy need apply.
(Berbice, 21st April, 1804. Alfd. Bartrum)

Abary: For sale by the subscriber on Plantation Grove in Abary for immediate Payment: Sixteen head of prime young cattle, among which are six fine Milch cows, two bulls, and the remainder young heifers. For particulars, apply to:  18th April. Wm. L. Hamilton.

**Absented himself from the subscriber on Wednesday evening last, a Negro boy of the Cormantyn nation, black skin, good looking, about five feet six inches high, and stout made; is well known by the name of Jessop or Joseph. Any Person who will lodge him in the Barracks
shall be paid Two Joes.
(18th April. Thos. Hays)

Letter T: Vendue: On Friday the 30th instant, at the Vendue Office, by the order of His Honour, the Fiscal, the following arrested slaves, now in the Colony stocks, viz: A Negro woman, Yaba, belonging to Mr. Reith of Berbice, confined by Mr. Harris, on the 18th July, 1806. A Negro,
Quaco, belonging to Doctor Munro, arrested on Plantation Letter T in Abary, on 28th Aug., 1806. A Negro, Quimina, belonging to Dr. Seaton, confined by the Dienders on 20th May, 1806. A new Negro (name and owner unknown) marked B 11, confined by Mr. Gravesande, on 24th April,
1806. A negro, Watermool, belonging to the Boedel of Bynoe, 25th July,1806.

Brittannia: Notice to Debtors and Creditors: – All Persons who have any Claims or Demands against the Boedels of Robert Cliffe and Joseph Cliffe Esquires, deceas’d , or against the Firm of Hill & Cliffe, are requested to send in an Account of the same, addressed to the Subscribers at Plantation Columbia; and all Persons who are indebted to the said Boedels or Firm, are requested to Pay the same withoutdelay.

**The Subscribers, in Conformity to Powers Vested in them, by the last Will and Testament of Joseph Cliffe Esq., offer for Sale by Private Contract, the following Valuable Estates, viz:
1st:  Plantation Columbia in little Courabanna, in the Colony of Demerary, contains 487 Acres of Land, most of it Planted with Cotton Trees, has Excellent Buildings, and 134 Prime Negroes, &c &c.
2nd:  Lot No. 6, on the east side of Mahaicony Creek, containing 250 Acres of Land, uncultivated;
3rd: Plantation Britannia, situated on the west seacoast of the Colony of Berbice, and laid down in the General Chart No. 32, containing 500 Acres of Excellent Land, 200 Acres of which are only
at present in cultivation; the remainder is all empoldered but not planted, has good buildings lately erected, and 74 prime Negroes, &c. Persons desirous of making proposals for the purchase of either of these Estates will please apply to John Douglas and Gilbert Robertson, in Demerary; or to William Innes, Albian Estate, East Coast of Berbice.
Demerary, 15th October 1803. John Douglas.
Gilbert Robertson.
William Innes.
Acting Executors to the Will of
Joseph Cliffe Esq., Decd.

For Sale: Belladrum: Plantation Roxborough Hall, situated on the East Coast Canal Berbice, (adjoining Plantation Belladrum, the Property of Jas. Fraser Esq.) containing 250 acres land, the whole empolder’d and has the advantage of a navigable canal at each end, leading into Canje and the River, Berbice, of which 70 acres are in full bearing plantains, 10,000 coffee trees two years old, 15,000 young coffee plants, and 100 acres cotton, with the buildings &c &c. –
This Property will be sold very reasonable, and with or without forty seasoned Negroes to suit the purchaser. For Terms of Sale, apply to Robert Merchant in Berbice, or to the Subscriber.
(Demerary, 30th June 1804. Wm. Dodgson)

Cottage: Runaway from the Subscriber, some time back, a Negro man named Providence, by trade a carpenter. He formerly belonged to Plantation Cottage in Berbice, and was sold at Vendue for the Gaol fees the 21st June, 1805, by order of the Fiscal. It is strongly suspected that he is harboured near Mahaiconi Creek by a black woman named Jeannet, who passes for a Free Woman. A Reward of Three Joes will be given for his apprehension.
(Dem. May 16, 1807. Rob. Kingston)

Golden Grove: Runaway, from Plantation Golden Grove, No. 26, West Coast of Berbice, two Mulatto men; carpenters; one by name William Leach, of a fair complexion; he can read and write, and most likely will endeavour to pass as a Free Man. The other is named Thomas. A reward of Fifty-five Guilders each will be given to any person who will deliver them at the
said Plantation, or to the store of R. S. Turton
(Stabroek, Aug. 8, 1807)