Stage managing of Kissoon’s incident cannot be ruled out


UNTIL evidence is produced, I refuse to join the riotous mob of Pharisees and accuse or pass judgement on the PPP for the bucket of filth that was returned to Kissoon. I have doubts that anyone in Guyana is that much perturbed by Kissoon’s (and Georgetown’s) garbage to the extent that they would descend to his level (or that of the mayor). I am more inclined, given the imaginativeness of this academic, his propensity for childish tantrums, his narcissistic demand for attention, etc, etc, etc, that he actually staged the whole thing. After all, lots of things are well staged in Guyana, including large fires.

Kissoon is fully knowledgeable of the Tawana Brawley incident of the mid-80s, and he is unethical enough to re-stage the whole drama.