President Jagdeo hailed as among founding fathers of REDD


THE recent news coming from the Norwegian capital, Oslo must as a consequence put the detractors, hitherto, the naysayers to rout. At the currently held conference, it has been announced that the largest financial commitment, $4B in aid of the reversal of forest degradation has been agreed. And Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo playing a pivotal role has been hailed by the Norwegian Prime Minister as one of the founding fathers of REDD+. Please note that this emphatic statement comes from a fellow peer leader, and not from the governing PPP/C.
The view, from an insignificant minority, is that President Jagdeo ought not to be so praised for his outstanding efforts. It is unbelievable how grudge politics can blur one’s sense of objectivity and fairplay. But no one can realistically challenge the history making role of President Jagdeo in the global efforts at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. And, he is doing so primarily for Guyana’s benefit.
Shame on these naysayers! You are a delusionary lot!