Guyana seeks to expand agro-trade with Dominican Republic


Guyana has undertaken its first agriculture trade outreach to the Dominican Republic.
Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud, at the invitation of the Government and private sector of the Dominican Republic, met recently with the Government and agro-traders.
Minister Persaud held talks with his counterpart, Minister of Agriculture, Salvador Jimenez, on a wide range of issues, the principal one being cooperation between the two countries that would lead to greater economic opportunities for both.
Minister Jimenez indicated his hope is for strengthening trade and even pushing for investments from the Spanish speaking country in Guyana.

Minister Persaud met with the country’s agribusiness Association, Goya officials, and visited businesses that have been importing agricultural products from Guyana. Several of the companies have expressed interest in establishing processing operations to utilize Guyana’s available agricultural raw produce.
The Dominican Republic is one of the newest markets for Guyana’s agriculture produce and the visit was aimed at expanding exports and securing investments in Guyana’s agriculture sector from that country.