Berbice rogue cop found guilty of larceny, assault and intent to rob


– to be sentenced today
A  Berbice rogue cop was found guilty by Magistrate Omeyena Hamilton, and was remanded to prison pending sentencing today .
Following a trial at the New Amsterdam Court Kevin Chase was found guilty of three charges of simple larceny, assault with intent to rob, and demanding money with menace, which stemmed from an incident involving an East Canje businesswoman.
Police Constable 19181 Kelvin  Chase, of Lot 60 Stanleytown, on September 19 , 2009 then a junior rank stationed at the Central Police Station, in New Amsterdam , stole a .38 revolver valued $116,000 along with six matching live rounds totalling $116,540, property of the Guyana Police Force.
On the said date, with intent to rob, assaulted Nadia Jacops, a businesswoman at her  Lot 1 East Canefield, residence.
In addition, Chase is alleged to have demanded the sum of $600,000 with menace or by force, with intent to steal from the said Nadia Jacops