WPO lauds Sexual Offences Bill


The Women’s Progressive Organization (WPO), hailing the passage of the Sexual Offences Bill and congratulating those involved, has dubbed the legislation important and modern, and gender neutral.
This is according to a statement from the WPO.

“The WPO is proud of this legislation, especially since, in 1988, it had written to the then Chief Justice making a number of recommendations which are contained therein.
“This legislation could not have come at a more opportune time, especially when many cases of sexual abuse and molestation of young children are being exposed,” the release said.
It added that recent incidents which have become a general talking point remind us that the events that have taken place are not new.
The statement said, “The WPO recalls similar incidents that were brought to its attention when parents, instead of being outraged at the abuse of their children, opted for monetary rewards instead, without understanding fully that no amount of money can erase the psychological and emotional scars of abused children.”
The WPO, in the release, stated that it is unfortunate that some people who have money feel that they can continue to “do as they please, without their victims having any recourse to the laws of Guyana.”
The release made it clear that the passage of this legislation should warn those predators of young children that the government is serious about these incidents and “enough is enough”.
“Each one of us has a role to play, and we need to ensure that all decent minded people must see to it that cases of similar nature are brought to the attention of the Child Care Protection Agency,” the release said.
The statement pointed out that all allegations, when made, should be subjected to due process and there should be no exception to the rule.
“Any attempts to justify such behavior will only encourage child molesters and predators to continue their despicable behavior,” the statement pointed out.
The WPO contends that the Sexual Offences Legislation will be a deterrent to those who in the past, have acted with impunity, in molesting children rather than protecting them.