Woman in triangular affair charges paramour with theft


RICHARD Persaud, 48, of Lot 78 David Street, Kitty, Georgetown has been charged with stealing girlfriend’s jewellery and cellular phone.
Before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson on Tuesday, he pleaded not guilty to simple larceny.

Particulars of the offence said, last April 17, he stole a pair of bangles valued $20,000 and a bracelet worth $30,000 amongst booty with a total value of $67,000, property of Roheda Dabichand.
Police Inspector Stephen Telford, prosecuting, said the defendant took the virtual complainant to the seawall on a bicycle and he asked to borrow her phone but did not give it back to her and, on her return home, she also discovered her purse missing.
The Prosecutor said, while Persaud and Dabichand were together, she had taken off her jewels and put them in the purse.
Attorney-at-law Mr. Paul Fung-A-Fat, requesting reasonable bail for Persaud, said the latter is married and has three children.
The lawyer had also asked reporters present in Court not to publish the case because  Persaud’s wife was not aware of her husband’s extra-marital affair.
The defendant was ordered to post $50,000 surety until June 15.