‘Itchie’ jailed on robbery conviction


MAGISTRATE Omeyana Hamilton yesterday jailed Peter Garner alias ‘Itchie’ for one year, after convicting him of robbery with violence, at New Amsterdam Court in Berbice.
The convict, a deportee, admitted that, in company with another, he robbed Wilbert David of $5,000, as the victim was cycling along Main and Pope Streets, New Amsterdam.
Police Corporal Roberto Figueira, prosecuting, said the prisoner pulled the virtual complainant off his bicycle and dealt him several lashes about his body before relieving him of the money.
The prisoner, who has previous convictions, had, initially, pleaded not gulty but change his plea, stating that being on remand is no guarantee of an early trial.
“You don’t know how long you will be there but, when you are sentenced, you know when you are coming out of prison,” Garner told the magistrate.
He had suggested a three months sentence but the magistrate informed him he did not have the choice.