Bandits steal excavator parts


A group of six bandits on Tuesday night tied up two watchmen who were guarding two excavators at Old Road, Enmore, East Coast Demerara, and made off with parts of the machines.
It was about 21:30 hrs on Tuesday when the bandits showed up on the darkened road and attacked the guards before removing several parts from the excavators.
The robbers tied up the guards after beating one of them, relieved them both of cash and cellular phones before they stripped the excavators.
The men even asked the watchmen if they were armed and walked with all their tools to carry out the robbery of removing parts from the excavators.
The missing parts are valued at $108,000 and the owner has since reported the incident to the police.
And a policeman was among five persons arrested in a similar theft at Edinburgh, West Coast Demerara, on Monday.
Police said as a result of diligent investigations they recovered some of the mechanical equipment which was stolen during the robbery.
A police report added that acting on a tip-off,  a group of policemen went to Annandale, East Coast Demerara, where they recovered a hydraulic pump, a starter and a computer box that were taken off an excavator after five men, two of whom were armed with a handgun and a knife, had held up the watchmen.