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Tales from way back when…
Kanhai is ‘Sportsman of the Year’, Masdammer Sportswoman

ROHAN Kanhai is BG’s ‘Sportsman of the Year’ 1956 and Claudette Masdammer ‘Sportswoman’.

The two were the unanimous choice of a 14-man panel yesterday afternoon, at the Bookers Boardroom, Water Street.

Clyde Walcott (cricketer), Freddie Cannon (shooting), Eileen Davis (hockey) and Mrs. R S Delgado (lawn tennis) received ‘Honorable Mention’.

So Kanhai has the proud honour of inscribing his name on the beautiful trophy donated by Shell and Regent Petroleum Distributors (WI) Limited, while the same applies to Ms. Masdammer as regards the fine trophy donated her by the Demerara Tobacco Limited.

Occupying the chair for ‘Sportswoman of the Year’ was Mr. Lionel Luckhoo, while Mr. GWE Cooper conducted the proceedings for getting at ‘Sportsman of the Year’.
(Guiana Graphic: January 19, 1957)

Muneshwer’s General Store
On 22 Water and America Sts. Central 943

Offers a fine assortment of Gents Canadian leather belts, woolen and Canadian ties, tropical suitings in all shades; stretchy and nylon socks. Also Martins expanding and leather belts. For the ladies: Stoles and scarves in plain and figured; Best Form brassieres padded and maternity. Also Stanley and Sorby carpenter’s tools; galvanized buckets and hardboard 8×4 expanding metal.
(Guiana Graphic: January 20, 1957)

Top steelband stars in today’s C’ship show
IN AN effort to foster the growth of the Local Steelband Association , promoter, Vivian Lee has arranged the 1957 ‘Ping Pong’ Championship from which the Association will receive 20% of the profits.

This triple show will take place at Astor Cinema this afternoon at 4.30 o’clock, and in addition to the crowning of BG’s ‘Ping Pong’ star, there will be a colourful steelband individual costume contest.

Pirates, soldiers, Indians, spacemen, slave girls, gypsies etc will clash against each other in exciting individual portrayals.

Messrs. Abdool Majeed & Sons Ltd. has donated a cup for the best girl masquerade.

Mayor Claude Merriman and Mr. Lionel Luckhoo will present their cups to the Quo Vadis and Marabuntas steelbands for their recent victories.

‘The Four Lords’, who are the current rage in local singing with their Platter-styled harmonization, will be heard with their popular : ‘You, You, You’ and other hit songs.
(Guiana Graphic: January 20, 1957)

Father must support child even if mother marries
IN FUTURE, fathers will hardly escape responsibility of their illegitimate children — even after mothers are married and living with their husbands.

But this rule will only apply in cases where mothers have applied for maintenance orders before the date of marriage.

This order was made by Mr. Justice Stoby and Mr. Justice Luckhoo at a sitting of the Full Court of Appeal.

It was the case in which Mr. Balram S Rai appearing for Lancelot Neville, a loco-driver of Campbellville, urged unsuccessfully that it would be morally bad for such an order to stand, because it creates an issue of dual responsibility by father and step-father.

In this case, Mercedes Jones gave birth to two children, one in 1948 and one in 1951.

She applied for a maintenance order against Neville on March 20.

On June 18, 1956, Neville was adjudged putative father of both children.

But Jones was however married on May 26, 1956- 23 days before.

Mr. Rai argued that under the Ordinance, the woman must also be single when the order is made.

Mr. JOF Haynes for Jones opposed this contention.

The Court held that dual control was not to be regarded as the test.

Neville was ordered to pay $25 costs.

(Guiana Graphic: January 21, 1957)

Back to work
GUIANESE sugar-boilers who hold positions in the West Indies and Central America are returning to their jobs for the 1957 crops.

Several left during the past week, including Mr. George Kattick with his staff of four, for Central America.

Many others are booked to leave during the week.
(Guiana Graphic: January 15, 1957)

Accused insane, cannot stand trial
A RARE case turned up in the second Criminal Assize Court yesterday before the Hon. Mr . Justice Clare in which a murder accused was found incapable of standing trial.

< span style="font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;">The Jury accepted the evidence of Police Surgeon, Dr. L H Wharton, and, without retiring, returned a verdict of “Insane: Unfit to plea” against Harold Dookie of Albouystown , also called Arjune, who is charged with murdering Peter Goring on August 12.

The trial judge ordered that Dookie be taken away and detained in safe custody until Her Majesty’s pleasure be made known.

Dr. Wharton told the jury that the accused had been under his observation from October 30, 1956, and in his opinion was not of sound mind.

Dookie, he testified, suffered from repeated attacks of epileptic fits, and after each attack he became mentally abnormal and sometimes violent for several days.

His last attack was 10 days ago.

The accused stood in the dock, unconcerned over the whole affair and took no part in the proceedings.

Mr. GAS Van Sertima represented the Crown.

Mr. B S Rai appeared for the accused.
(Guiana Graphic: January 16, 1957)

Cycles licences due February 28
THOUSANDS of dollars will be pouring into BG’s revenue this year from the collection of licenses for bicycles.

Mr. Colin K Franker, Licences Revenue Officer, said that 50,000 bicycles are now on the road.

He is asking all persons to take out their licences as early as possible before expiration date February 28.

It will be recalled that $414,985 was collected in 1955 for both bicycles and motor vehicles.
(Guiana Graphic: January 19, 1957)

Man lies on railway line as train comes
A MAN, whose name was given as Rahim Khan, was seen stretched across the line of the approaching Berbice train, in the vicinity of Parade Street, about 3 o’clock yesterday.

The train, fortunately, was slowing down, and a conductor removed him from the line.

Meanwhile, the man who was knocked down by a train on Monday night has been identified as John Hermanstein of Supply, East Coast Demerara.
(Guiana Graphic: January 24, 1957)

100 not-out for Beterverwagting: Premier village
WE ARE hoping to make the village of Beterverwagting and Triumph.

So said the Chairman, Mr. Paul Slowe, yesterday at the centenary celebrations of the village in the presence of the Governor Sir Patrick Renison and a gathering, including village fathers, Local Government experts and villagers.

Mr. Slowe referred to his village as “the premiere village of BG.”

Due to the frequent floods, the villagers had to turn to cane farming, and its was the first place in BG to do so.

During the last crop, the village produced 25,000 tons of cane, and provided employment for over 1,000 persons for two weeks.

This, he felt, reflected creditably on the village and its 7,000 inhabitants.

They were proud of the people the village produced — teachers, technicians, farmers and professional men and a Chief Justice… Sir Donald Jackson.

Nearly three thousand villagers, drawn from the three Counties, along with many prominent persons from the City, including officials of government departments, attended the Centenary Celebrations of Beterverwagting yesterday.

Throughout the District, there was an exhibition of considerable enthusiasm, rejoicing and jubilation among the populace.
(Guiana Graphic: February 12, 1957)

BG Legion to meet February 25
WHAT SEEMS to be an ex-military showdown is the annual general meeting of the BG Legion of ex-servicemen, which will be held on Monday, February 25, at the Legion’s Headquarters, Kelly Dam, at 7:30 pm.

Members claim that the Legion is being run for the minority of ex-servicemen of World War II whose delight is games, dances, billiards etc ! and not for the welfare of the majority- the sick, unemployed, distressed, homeless and would be farmers.

To clarify the matter, it is planned to change part of the executive, so as to run the organization for the good and welfare of all ex-servicemen and women of British Guiana.
(Guiana Graphic: February 16, 1957)

Satisfactory half year for Portuguese Pawnbrokery
THE HALF-year ending December 31, 1956 was another satisfactory period for the Portuguese Pawnbroking Company Limited.

The Company made a profit of $23,538.65 for the corresponding half-year ending December 31,1955, an increase of $3,683.72. This has justified the Company’s policy of increasing the Capital.

These figures were disclosed at the 140th Half- yearly Director’s Report at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held yesterday afternoon.

Messrs. Carlos Gomes, F I Dias, C L De Freita
s, Major CJ Bettencourt-Gomes, BEM, GF Baldwin and H W DeFreitas were re-elected Directors for the ensuing year.
(Guiana Graphic: February 23, 1957)
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