Windies in no mood to slack against India today


FLOYD Reifer has ruled out any possibility ofWest Indies slacking against India even though they have been ousted from the tournament. West Indies play their final match in the tournament today and Reifer is confident his team could pull off a shock win, one that would send India home as well.

“We’re going to play the game at the same intensity as before,” he said. “We’re looking to improve every game; it’s about improvement for us as individuals and as a team. Though we can’t qualify we’re still going to play hard, tough cricket.

“In one-day cricket the team that plays better on the day has a good chance of winning. India are a good side, they have a lot of stars, they play a lot of one-day cricket but we’re going to approach the game the same way we approached the first two.”

Though they have lost two matches, a depleted West Indies had their moments against Pakistan and Australia a few scares. Gavin Tonge made Pakistan sweat in their chase of a small target and Kemar Roach’s pace posed a few hiccups for Australia on a two-paced pitch.

“We can take a lot of positives from the tournament,” said Reifer. “Some of our guys bowled well, couple of our guys batted well, and as a team I think we played pretty good cricket. We have a good squad of fast bowlers; the guys have a lot of talent and are just looking to explode on the international circuit.

“Tonge is very tall and bowls a good line and length. Roach is very fast, I think he bowled the fastest ball in the tournament so far. He’s very quick through the air and he has a bright, bright future in West Indies and international cricket. (Cricinfo)