Meusa takes early lead in Sasha Cells chess tourney


WENDELL Meusa took the early lead in the Sasha Cells Chess tournament which started last Sunday at the Kei-Shar’s Sport Club.
In round one Meusa was paired with veteran player Learie Webster, in rigorous battle, but it was Meusa who prevailed.

Tournament leader Wendell Meusa and Learie Webster

In other highlighted games of the day Brian Thompson defeated junior champion Taffin Khan, but Khan rebounded to get the better of Learie Webster in round two and Errol Tiwari in round three.

Points standing after three rounds: Wendell Meusa on three, Shiv Nandalall two and a half, David Khan and Taffin Khan two apiece, Irshad Mohamed, Brian Thompson and Errol Tiwari on one and a half, Learie Webster, Omar Shariff, Ryan Singh and Haatram Parbat all on one apiece.

In the Junior category, Rashad Hussain is in the lead by half a point, followed by his brother Aslam Hussain.

The points standing after four rounds, Rashad Hussain three and a half, Aslam Hussain, Sham Khan and Saeed Ali on three, Sheriffa Ali and Devendra Singh two and a half, Khalid Gajraj, Carlos Griffith and Alexander Brassington on two apiece, Irshad Ishmael on one and a half and Clive Bender on one point.

In the Beginner’s category Mandy Ramnarine is in the lead followed by her sister Miranda Ramnarine.

The tournament continues today for the seniors at the Kei-Shar’s Sports Club from 17:30 h, while the juniors will play their remaining four rounds on Monday.
Sasha Cells is the exclusive sponsor of the tournament