Missing aircraft


A SEARCH and rescue network in the United States (U.S.) has volunteered to review the information and efforts undertaken following the disappearance of the Beech King Air N87V survey aircraft in Guyana last November 1.

Vice President, Investor Relations, U3O8 Corp. – the company conducting the uranium explorations in Guyana – Nancy Chan-Palmateer, made this disclosure via email yesterday.

She said that recently two members from the U.S. S&R network, who are highly experienced in these missions, offered their services to the company to determine if there are any other areas of interest or possibilities to be considered in the search for the aircraft and its three man crew.

However, the U3O8 Corp VP, stated that the review is expected to take a couple of months and if there are any notable prospects arising from the review, further follow up will be undertaken as appropriate.

Recently another newspaper had reported that the search for the missing aircraft and crew will be concentrated in another area, but yesterday Chan-Palmateer stated that the report cited in the news article was an old one that resurfaced subsequent to the local charter of the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) distribution of flyers in the Mazaruni area.

The articles stated that due to reports some six weeks ago from residents in the area of hearing a plane circling in the vicinity, the search will been moved to another location southeast of Imbaimadai, where the aircraft was suspected to have gone down after failing to respond to radio calls.

However, the company Executive said that this report had been previously evaluated and ruled out two weeks into the search efforts because the observation was the wrong time of day, height of the plane in the sky and other details were inconsistent.

“It’s likely the villager heard one of the search planes on Day 2. Nevertheless, villagers were re-interviewed last month. The conclusion was the same and the report has been discounted again”, Chan-Palmateer said.

She noted that aerial images continue to be reviewed to see if there are any new anomalies that merit investigation.

It is just seven and a half months since the disappearance of the survey aircraft and there has still been no sighting of the crew or the plane.

The two other companies, namely; Dynamic Aviation and Terraquest Limited, are also still involved in the search efforts.

Those missing are Americans: Captain, James Wesley Barker, 28, First Officer, Chris Paris, 23, and Canadian Patrick Murphy, a Geophysics Technician.

Local authorities continue to lend a hand in the search efforts with the provision of scouts for the ground searches that the companies are conducting in addition to the photograph assessments.

The Toronto-based U3O8 Corp, through one of its subsidiaries, Prometheus Resources Incorporated, is continuing with its exploration for uranium deposits in Guyana.

The exploration is being conducted near Chi-Chi Falls and Imbaimadai in Guyana.

The exploration is continuing due to a one-year extension granted by the Government last September to the uranium discovery company.