Rahim incomparable at GAWA weekend competition



GAWA’s titans display their winnings with pride following Sunday’s competition.
THE Guyana Amateur Weightlifting Association (GAWA) staged its annual National Novices and Schoolboys Championships on Sunday at the Blue Note Night Club on Camp Street.

With bouts of herculean strength Vijay Rahim of the Hardcore Gym scored a hat-trick of sorts as he broke the individual records for the Snatch with a hoist of 65kg and the Clean and Jerk event in which he managed to lift a whopping 80kg.

He also broke the record for total amount of kilograms hoisted in the 56kg weight class with an aggregate of 145kg.

Rahim’s endurance seemed inexhaustible in his campaign for victory as he was able to consistently advance while his competitors fell by the wayside.

Shane Bancroft took second place in the 56kg category with his effort of 137.5kg and Derrick Hyman came third with a total of 135 kg.

Other outstanding displays of strength included those by Alistair Dookran who won the Over-40kg category with a lift of 97.5kg and Teion Timmerman who matched this lift to win the Over-50kg weight class.

His lift of 107.5kg assured Erwin Cozier victory in the 62kg weight class while Alistair Dookran procured his second win of the day in the 77kg weight class with a 102.5kg lift.

The Open men were also given a chance to strut their stuff as Mohammed Rosan lifted his way to victory in the 69kg class with a solid heave of 140kg.

The most impressive exhibition of the day’s competition was Nigel Phillips’ colossal heave of an unsurpassable 162.5kg. (Storme Moore)