Morgan receives $25 000 worth of clothing from City businessmen



An elated Alika Morgan is presented with the clothing by George Humphrey and Paul G. Giddings.
IN recognition of the achievements of Guyana’s athletic wonder and four-time Caricom distance champion Alika Morgan, two city businessmen yesterday made a collaborative effort to present her with a token of their admiration with an estimated $25 000 worth of clothing at the Jamrock Price Mart and Fashion Centre on Camp Street.

The idea was that of George Humphrey, owner of Humphrey’s Bakery, who made the suggestion of the donation to Paul G. Giddings, owner of The Jamrock Fashion Centre and he was more than happy to oblige.

The businessmen believe that in representing Guyana, Morgan must always look her best and that this will improve her appearance as a sportswoman whether it is on or off the track.

“She is doing a great job in terms of representing Guyana” were the words of Giddings. He went on to say that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that further presentations of athletic gear and both formal and casual clothing will be made on behalf of his establishment.

“Next month we will follow this gesture with a pair of track shoes,” Giddings added.

He believes that other local business entities should embrace such initiatives and hope that this will be taken as an example for other avenues of assistance to local sport personalities and events.

“I would like to thank Mr Humphrey and Mr Giddings,” said Morgan, who went on to say that she really appreciates their gift and that she hopes that other athletes will be given the help that she has received.