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16-yr-old secondary student hangs herself at Charity.

A 16-YEAR-OLD secondary student of Charity Housing Scheme on the Essequibo Coast ended her life tragically by suicide early yesterday morning.According to reports, the student, Talia Da Silva, who attended the Charity Secondary School, became angry that morning after her mother took away her cell phone.
Reports said the student argued with her mother and in passion locked herself in her bedroom and took her life by hanging herself with a piece of rope from a beam in the house, just as her mother left the home.
Reports said the tragic death of the student has sent shock waves through the Charity Housing Scheme, especially at the school she attended. She was looking forward to the last day at school with her friends and teachers.
She has left to mourn her mother, who is a single parent, two brothers and a sister.
Region 2, over the past few months, has lost several young people as a result of suicide.
A 17-year-old girl of New Road Village several weeks ago ended her life by ingesting a deadly poison, while another 17-year-old girl of Affiance recently ended her life by hanging herself with a piece of rope. Only a few days ago, another young woman died at the Suddie Hospital after ingesting a deadly poison. Reports said she was highly qualified at the CXC level.
Several residents are now calling for action to be taken by the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security and for religious leaders to come forward and help to stop the suicide rate in the region.

(Rajendra Prabhulall in Essequibo).

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